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Why ClipperData

Granular Data

Granular Data

Not only do we track global crude oil movements on a vessel-by-vessel basis, but also cargo-by-cargo, and even dock-by-dock.

Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Our daily and weekly reports provide regular, timely and vital insights into the constantly evolving trends, patterns, and flows of waterborne deliveries.

Global Monitoring

Global Monitoring

As soon as a tanker leaves the loading facility, it’s in our dataset. And as soon as it docks at a discharge facility, our system is updated.

Proprietary Algorithms

Proprietary Algorithms

Our projections use a Bayesian probability model with inputs that include prior voyages, fixture data, AIS-declared destinations, and the tanker’s rated dead-weight tonnage.

Unique Data Collection

Unique Data Collection

We track the tanker beyond the destination port all the way to the ultimate discharge facility. This means we can draw a picture of refinery operations that others cannot.

Exclusive Partnerships

Exclusive Partnerships

Clipper has exclusive data partnerships with Datamyne for US import and exports data derived from Customs filings, and with Inchcape Shipping Services for vessel line-ups from around the world..

Proprietary Data

Using a combination of unique data collection techniques and exclusive licensing arrangements with best-in-the-business data providers, we apply proprietary algorithms to build our data sets. Click below to receive a demo of our data.

Crude Oil

Crude oil is not equal crude oil. Using customs documents and port agent reports to identify exact grades, Clipper adds a new dimension to tracking oil movements. Taking quality into account allows our clients to predict the direction of geographical, timing and grade spreads.

Middle Distillates

Looking for the level of European imports of diesel from the US Gulf? Wondering whether more Saudi jet fuel exports are heading west? Investigating the ranking of suppliers of middle distillates to Indonesia? Only Clipper, with its unique partnerships can provide these accurate details.


Knowing that 12 "clean" tankers are heading from Northwest Europe to the US East Coast provides some indication of the expected import level. But being able to tell that four of those are carrying petrochemicals, or are not fully loaded, is significantly better intelligence for anyone trading Nymex futures. Clipper tracks and projects gasoline shipments by destination worldwide, not just to the US.


The massive jump in availability of very large gas carriers has made long-haul shipments more viable. Once the Panama Canal is widened, that will facilitate the use of these VLGCs for the US to Asia route. Who are the main competitors the US will face? And how much are they shipping to where? Only Clipper has a worldwide, comprehensive, daily, point-to-point database of propane and butane shipments.


Clipper tracks US exports of calcined and non-calcined petroleum coke from the US Gulf. This unique data set provides petcoke producers, traders and consumers with details on quantity and quality of each shipment.

Proprietary Reports

Regular, comprehensive reports based on our proprietary data and ever growing database.

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